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Hank is my best friend and fucks my wife regularly. He's been out of town for six weeks! He texted me from the airport Sunday while my wife and I were relaxing and watching a ball game. He wants to come by the house right now and fuck my wife on his way home. My wife said "Tell Hank I've missed his fat cock and to give me an hour to get ready then come on by and he can fuck me while you watch and stoke your dick!
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Mandingo James wanted to meet my wife. I took her to his motel. She thought we were just gonna say Hi and talk! Instead she got 12 inches of black cock in her mouth and cunt!
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Money is tight these days so I told my wife she needed to go back to work and get a real job. She's been out of the work force for years and doesn't have any skills for the current marketplace. I asked my boss if he might hire her. He said "Sure Jason, I'll interview your wife!"
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A wealthy friend of my boss fucks my wife when he is in town on business. My boss called and told me to bring my wife to his friends hotel so he could fuck her. He had bought her gifts. The gifts were just a couple of slutty outfits for her to model for him before he fucked her. Like a good girl, my wife modeled each outfit for him. As she did, he would reach out and fondle her tits or shove one of his fingers into her pussy before he pushed her to her knees and shoved his fat cock down her throat, grabbing her head and fucking her face then finally banging her cunt on the couch. He was a gentleman, and took my wife and I to dinner after fucking her, but as soon as they sat down, he reached under the table, pulled her panties aside, and shoved his fingers into her cunt which was still full of his cum, and proceeded to finger fuck her as she tried to eat her salad. When she was done he took her back to his hotel and fucked her again. I wonder how many more friends my boss has that will be fucking my wife!

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I'm Jason, the cuckold husband of Hotwife Jackie. It's my fault that I'm a cuck and don't get to fuck my wife anymore. I only get to watch other men fuck her. I talked her into letting other men fuck her in the first place. She said NO at first but now she loves it. My wife prefers black men with larger cocks and some well endowed white men. My wife regularly dates other men whether I like it or not. With her permissioin I began whoring her out years ago. I video most guys fucking her! If you Join up you will see my wife at home dressing for her dates. She has me shave her pussy smooth for other men to enjoy and help her dress for them. Follow along as I deliver my wife to men in their hotel rooms, or watch along with me as I stroke my cock while they fuck my wife in our own bed....Jason



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A black businessman is back in town for a few hours and calls me "I want to fuck your wife again! Bring her to my hotel tonight!". I hurry and shave her pussy smooth for him, then she dresses and I drive her to his hotel near the airport. Like last time, he kisses and fondles her tits, then pushes her to her knees to suck his black dick. When he is rock hard he spreads her legs and shoves his cock into her cunt. Not finished yet, he pushes his hard cock into my wife's ass and proceeds to bang her asshole as hard as he can till he finally groans and shoots his load of cum deep into my wife's asshole. He rolls off my wife and I can see her gaped asshole, he tells her he has to hurry to make his flight. My wife's ass is sore and she dresses slowly, then I walk her down thru the hotel lobby as her bull's cum drips down her leg. I remember the days when I used to fuck my wife. Maybe she'll stroke my cock later as she tells me how much she loved being used by her black bull!

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"Giving up theAss!"

My best friend Hank comes to our house and fucks my wife once a week. Last week he took pictures of my wife and sent them to his friend Derek. Last night, Hank texted me and told me to bring my wife to a motel so his friend Derek could fuck her! I shaved my wife's pussy smooth and she put some clothes in a bag and I drove her to the motel like Hank wanted. Her date Derek was late getting there so my wife modeled a few outfits for me to help her decide which to wear.

When Derek finally arrived he ordered my wife to get on her knees and suck his black cock. She did as she was told and after getting her face fucked and gagging on Dereks huge black dick, he ordered her to bend over the bed. Derek mounted my wife and banged her cunt for a minute then shoved his huge cock into her asshole. He fucked, pounded and gaped my wife's asshole for over and hour while she grunted and submitted to his demands. I of course had to watch as Derek used my wife relentlessly to satisfy his pleasure, and was stroking my cock as Derek shot a huge load of cum into her ass! Now it looks like Derek will be fucking my wife in the ass regularly since my best friend Hank told me to make my wife available for Derek to fuck whenever he wants.

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"Cucked again!"

Saturday night is usually the night my wife and I go out for a little romantic dinner, but she made other plans at the last minute.
I'll have to make myself some mac & cheese then wait and stroke my cock while another of her big dick black boyfriend fucks her!
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Chuck dates my wife whenever he is in town on business. He called last week and told me to bring my wife to his motel. He didn't take her to dinner. He kissed her and finger fucked her then made her suck his cock and then he fucked her cunt and ass, then told me to "take the bitch home!"
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My wife doesn't like to be called a whore even if she is one. Guys still call her a whore when they fuck her! Who cares what they call her, as long as they fuck her!
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